The Flock

Our sheep are divided into two flocks: a commercial flock for the production of meat lambs and an extensive flock for the purpose of keeping the grass under control in the local landscape

The commercial flock is based on ewes produced by crossing Swiss Black-Brown mountain sheep and meat rams. The goal is to produce a high fertility rate with a strong carcass. To realise this objective we put the ewes again to rams of the breeds Suffolk, Texel and Dorper.

In the winter months the sheep are kept in a stable with free access to outside paddocks, in the spring and autumn we graze the flocks on pastures in the valley. During the 3 summer months the flock is on the high alpine pastures.

The ecologic flock is formed of sheep from breeds like the Skudde and Scottish Blackface, which adapt very well to extreme weather conditions and thrive on very different types of food. They are outside the whole year with a shelter for the winter months. They eat also low quality food and therefore are an ideal solution to graze extensively on ecological pastures.

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