09.02.2010: We are pleased to announce that Fly gave birth on February the 4th. to 8 puppies (3 bitches and 5 males), all in very good health.  I am only interested in selling these puppies to handlers that will use them for working livestock.  If you are interested please contact me either by phone or e-mail.

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09.02.2010: 3 new videos: sheepdog demonstration, young dogs Cadorland Guardian Roy and Cadorland Giake.

01.2010: Fly was mated to Mitch of Sagno and is pregnant, the pups are due at the beginning of february. If after a visit at our breeding section you feel interested or you like more information just contact us.

16.04.2010: The puppies are growing ! Some are still avaible. View pictures and certificate


- some new videos on youtube

- updated the pages “our dogs” and Smokes like daddy

- Jimmi qualifies for both the Continental Championship 2011 and for the World trial 2011.


“I would like to thank everybody who is supporting us giving us the possibility to achieve these results and to take part at such important events. In particular my family, the VetMoesa SA and the sponsor.” A.S.

- Cadorland Gil, sister of Giake qualifies for the Continetal Championship 2011 for the Italian team handled by Patrick Palmeri.

- some new links were added


- Update Border Collies, results, our dogs

- Livestock guarding dogs: following the lost of Taro and Bia during the spring-summer 2011 our group had some changes: Cadorland Eddie, older brother to Fara came back to us and we bought the bitch pup Lola, a daughter of Cadorland Fiume.


- Updated Border Collies, results

- Breeding plans: during 2012 we would like to breed another litter out of Unicafly di Cambiano, father of the pups if possible will be again Mitch of Sagno.

If you are interested feell free to contact us.


- Update Border collies, results

- After being mated to Mitch of Sagno in january, the 11th of march Unicafly di Cambiano gave birth to 9 pups, 2 dogs and 7 bitches. Unfortunately one bitch didn’t make it and now they are 8. (view certificate)


-Added the poster of the puppies. The day of the fotoshooting the pup Cadorland Kerry was already with her new family.(view certificate and photos)

02.07.2012: Jimmi is qualifyed for his second Continetal Championship  and, as the winner of the qualifying, we will be capitain of the swiss team

01.07.2012: Cadorland Gil, handled by Patrick Palmieri will represent Italy also this year at the Continental Sheepdog Championship in Holland. We are proud of you both!

28.07.2012: The puppies of Fly and Mitch are gone with their new families, we wish good luck to evryone. Cadorland Kody was choosen to  stay in the team handled by Alberto as Cadorland Kelly, called Bianca, owned and handled by Francesco.


Continental Sheepdog Championship 2012:

Jimmi qualifies for the final as best swiss. In the final our momentary level wasn’t enough to complete the difficult course, we retired.

Fantastic result of our friend Patrick Palmeri handling Cadorland Gil, he goes with the best handlers of the continent reaching place 5 ! Well done Patrick and Gil.


14-15 july in Holland we were at the Dutch Open International Sheepdogtrial, and it was a successful weekend: Jimmi won the trial and Cadorland Giake was placed 14th. We are also very proud of the 4th place of Patrick Palmeri with Cadorland Gil.


Semptember 7-9 in Wäldi, Thurgau was held the Swiss National Championship. The first two days the best 50 Handler and dogs of the season measured themselves on a qualifying course. The best 8 of each day went to compete Sunday 9th September in the double lift final.

Jimmi qualifyed itself for the final winning Friday qualifying day.

Jake came 9th at Saturday near to the qualification for the final in his first National Championship.

Sunday was a memorial day for us all: with a good run, but not faultless, Jimmi won the trial being 2012 Swiss National Champion.

Jimmi had a more then satisfying season: swiss team capitain at the 2012 CSC, winner of the Dutch Open International Sheepdogtrial 2012, finalist at the CSC and 2012 Swiss National Champion.