We also have two horses on our farm, we are riding western style and give great importance to a good basic instruction which fully respects the horse and his needs.

Stormy Wind

mix Shagya Arabian x Franches Montagnes, mare, 1991

We bought her in 1993, I started her myself, competed for several years in western disciplines at Swiss national levels with good results in trail and reining. Later she was started on cows, developing a good amount of cow sense and being fast and reliable she made a very good horse for events as team penning and cow sorting. In recent years she is often ridden by our children.

Smokes like daddy

Quarter Horse, gelding, 2006      (view the pedigree)

We bought him as a yearling, initially he spent his youth with Windy and with other horses in the summer on pastures in the Swiss Jura (a mountain range in North Western Switzerland).  He will be started during winter of 2009 and now is ridden regularly outside, he has also been introduced to cows where he shows nice attitude.

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