Livestock Guard  Dogs - Breeding


In 2004 we started breeding Pyrenean Mountain Dogs as Livestock Guard  Dogs. Our dogs are born and raised with the flock, they have  a very strong bond and socialization with the sheep.

Our Dogs


They are used to the presence of people that can handle them but they remain at distant to strangers. The breeding dogs and bitches are checked and selected for health, character and working ability.

The pups are placed in new flock within the National Program for livestock protection at the moment that they can follow the flock for small distances and have had basic instruction, this means at the age of 5 or 6 months.

We own two breeding bitches and on dependence of demand we breed one or two litters per year. Occasionally we have started dogs one or two years old for sale.

From our breeding we sold various Livestock Guard Dogs protecting sheep, goats and cows in and outside Switzerland.

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